2021 Tollyclub Event Plan

2021 Tollyclub Event Plan

2021 Tollyclub Event Plan

The Bridge is ready to host some Tollyclub events in 2021!!  With COVID-19 still likely to affect gatherings, we have created a 2021 Tollyclub Event Plan.

The plan is fluid and will be updated throughout 2021 as we learn more about the COVID-19 restrictions.

Mini Cruises

In general, the Mini Cruises will take place as usual with the addition of social distancing requirements (i.e. no doughnuts, coffee, potluck or group dinners) until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

The Bridge is currently working to replace these usual activities.

We are also returning to our on-line registration on www.tollyclub.com. There you will find the event agenda, details on slip reservations and a link to complete your registration. Please remember to register for events on the Tollyclub website and not on the Facebook page.

Three weeks before each event the Bridge will decide if the event needs to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. If the event is cancelled, members can still choose to attend on their own for a non- sanctioned gathering.

Additionally, there are a couple of changes to our usual list of mini cruises:

Spring Mini – Kingston
The Mid-Sound Mini in Kingston is cancelled for 2021 as it takes place in early April and we expect COVID-19 restrictions to be in place. Also, the weather can be cold this time of year which makes social distancing more difficult.

Opening Day of Boating Season at the Log Boom
The Log Boom is tentative, as we do not know if the Opening Day of Boating Season will take place in 2021.

2021 Mini Cruise Schedule

  • Mid-Sound Mini, Kingston (April) – Cancelled
  • Log Boom (First Weekend in May) – Tentative
  • Spring Mini (Bell Harbor, Seattle) – May 14-16
  • South Sound Mini, Tacoma – July 23-25
  • North South Mini, Anacortes – September 10-12
  • Halloween Mini, Port Orchard – October 15-17
  • Christmas Mini, Poulsbo – December 3-5

Rendezvous: Gone Fishing – JUNE 23-27

Paul and Debbie have planned the 2021 Rendezvous and, along with the Bridge, assume this annual gathering of Tollys will take place as usual.

They will meet with Roche Harbor staff in late January to get input on what COVID-19 restrictions we can expect during the Rendezvous. Paul and Debbie have also planned for a scaled down version of events in case COVID-19 restrictions are still in place in June.

The Bridge will set a date toward the end of March to determine if we are hosting our normal Rendezvous or a scaled down event. As you can imagine, there
is a tremendous amount of planning that goes into our annual Rendezvous. So, unless there is a very high likelihood, we can have our normal Rendezvous, we will go with a scaled down event. Once we make a choice on which way to go, we will stick with that decision and plan accordingly. If we are forced to go
with a scaled down Rendezvous, we will make plans as flexible as possible so we can add or delete activities depending on the COVID-19 restrictions.

To accommodate this uncertainty, registration will be split into two parts.

Registration Fee

This fee covers the t-shirts, ,Commodore gift, pin, event plaque, printed roster etc. This allows us to order all the printed items. If the event is cancelled for some reason, we will mail these items to you.

Event Fee

This fee covers the other expenses associated with the Rendezvous and will be refunded if the event is cancelled.

This plan will be updated as necessary throughout 2021. 

The bridge remains in contact with the various marinas and reviews all government regulations as they are issued. Information on all Tollyclub events will be posted here and on our Facebook Group page. We thank you for your continued patience as we navigate this unprecedented event. As always, your health and safety is our number one priority. We also request that you direct questions and concerns directly to a bridge member to avoid rumours and misinformation. We are committed to sharing all updates with our members as they become available.