First Tollyclub Rendezvous? What to expect

2020 Tollyclub Rendezvous Theme Header

Welcome to the Tollycraft Boating Club – we’re glad you joined!

And now that you’re planning on coming to your first Tollyclub Rendezvous here’s what to expect.


  • Registration opens in early 2020.
  • Generally, the Rendezvous registration fee covers:
    • Some dinners
    • Two continental breakfasts (traditionally coffee and doughnuts)
    • One breakfast prepared by the club’s Bridge and other volunteers
    • Souvenir t-shirts for each registered participant
    • Commodore gift for your boat

Moorage at Roche Harbor

  • Moorage at Roche Harbor is complimentary on Wednesday, June 24 – arrive a day early and enjoy everything that Roche offers.
  • Your moorage at Roche Harbor will be arranged by the event organizers – there is no need to contact the marina to reserve a slip.
  • Payment for your moorage will be completed directly with the marina staff once you arrive at Roche Harbor. And they come to you at your slip!
  • Please note that depending on the size of your boat and the size of the slip you are assigned, you may be sharing with another Tolly member – a great way to get know more people.

The Rendezvous Theme

  • Each year the incoming Commodore announces the theme for the next Rendezvous – this year our Commodore Pierce Hoover chose Tollyribbean.
  • Many of the events and decorations taking place during the Rendezvous will feature this theme.
  • You can join in the fun of the theme by:
    • Decorating your boat
    • Bringing costumes that represent the theme. We encourage all participants to dress for a Hot Havana Night for Saturday’s dinner (and of course you are welcome to where your favourite Tollyribbean outfits throughout the weekend)
    • If you are bringing a pet, there will be a pet parade where the pets walk the red carpet in their theme costumes

Tollycraft Rendezvous Boat Prizes

  • During dinner on Saturday night, boat prizes will be announced.
  • While the categories are not confirmed for 2020, the past categories were:
    • Best of Show
    • Best Original Tolly
    • Best Restored Tolly
    • Best Decorated Tolly
    • Hard Luck Award
  • These prizes are determined by secret ballot by all participants.
  • You will receive your ballot when you register upon arrival. During the weekend you will have the opportunity to meet other Tolly owners and see their boats to complete your ballot.


  • All first time Rendezvous participants and new Tollyclub members are invited to a meet & greet during Thursday afternoon.  This will give you a chance to meet other newcomers, ask any questions you may have and start the fun of Rendezvous weekend.
  • Throughout the weekend there will be 50/50 draws, games and other fun – check out the complete schedule
  • Tolly clothing and merchandise will be available for sale during the Rendezvous – a great way to show your Tolly love throughout the year!

For more ideas on what to expect check out the photos from our past Rendezvous: 2019, 2018, 2017

We look forward to welcoming you to your first Tollycraft Boating Club Rendezvous and if you have any questions, please contact us.