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Thread: 44 Deck Drains

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    44 Deck Drains

    The deck drains on my '91 44, the starboard side of the boat where you enter the cabin are leaking inside the boat into the bilge. The hoses running from the deck to the drain tube are original but it is hard to see if the hose is leaking or if the drain itself is leaking. Has anyone had any experiences like this and can you offer any help on how to resolve.


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    One year late but just seeing this. I had the same issue with the same drain in the same boat.
    In my case, theres a compartment with sliding doors on the stbd side behind the sofa.
    open that and look to the left (forward). There's a small bulkhead that'e easy to remove. This gives you access to one of the deck drains. In my case, the drain tube had broken away and this allows quite a bit of water in.
    If it's the drain just forward of this, access is a little more difficult. If you cut away the bottom portion of the panel behind the stairs that lead out the side door, you can access that drain. I removed this wood to deal with some rot (that occurred because of the leak). I decided to leave it open since it's almost hidden by the stairs and may need to access that area again.

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