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Thread: What kind of kicker should I use for a 26 foot Sedan Cruiser?

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    What kind of kicker should I use for a 26 foot Sedan Cruiser?

    I asked this question on the technical questions of the forum and haven't had a reply yet - maybe this is where I should post my question?

    What HP kicker should I use for my 26 foot tollycraft sedan cruiser? Where on the back of the boat should I place it - Port, Center, Starboard? and what length should the shaft be - regular, long shaft, or extra long shaft? What are others using out there and what are the pros and cons?

    Thanks very much for any information anyone can provide - Steve

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    Seems a few folks out there have 9.9 Yamaha 4 strokes. I moved my 15HP 2 stroke Johnson over and it can move the boat, but it's tough to steer with the tiller. I have not tried locking it in FWD and using the main steering/rudder to turn, but I'm told that's how to do it on some boats. I'm just not sure the Tolly rudder is large enough.
    I mounted mine starboard, since passengers typically sit port and the boat ends up listing that way.

    Oh, I would say as long as you can get. Mounting my kicker mount just inches above the factory swim step and my old motor just barely reaches. I think it's a long shaft.
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