A friend received a "recent" insurance quote from BOATUS : but noticed contradictory wording that "deletes partial loss coverage." This is defined as bait and switch in some states. In any case it is intended to hide substandard coverage. You may NOT be getting the coverage you think......
CHECK YOUR POLICY for the hidden language related to the "depreciation paragraph".

This depreciation may render your coverage for a partial loss to "O" if your boat is 20 years or older or close.

The policy coverage states the BOATUS obligation is ONLY valid for TOTAL losses. IT is NOT good or appears to be "O" coverage if a PARTIAL loss.
A. Your $30,000. boat sinks or other total loss---you're covered.
B. You have a $5,000 claim for a freeze issue which is a partial loss, etc., ----You are NOT covered.
BOATUS slips this exempt paragraph to deny payment under a rarely read section called DEPRECIATION.

Another example: any 1980's to '90 or earlier Tolly that is insured by BOATUS, does not appear to have ANY PARTIAL loss coverage because it is beyond the preset depreciation terms ---that very few know about.
ONLY after the Tolly boat owner directly asked the BOATUS rep. to explain the troubling remote paragraph appearing to void partial coverage did the rep . say YES, you have no coverage. When asked if this is a bait and switch tactic--no response.

A. READ YOUR BOATUS policy. You may not have the coverage you thought you had.
B. I would value any party conversant with insurance issues review this and provide any professional insight on this subject.
Thank you, Steve Kraus