Opening Weekend of Boating on the Log Boom! May 3-5
Location: Montlake Cut, LakeWashington

We have had an awesome time at thisevent the last few years!
Log boom reservations need to be to the UW by April 2019

Before we can reserve the 180' we need to get a boat commitment by March!

We can accommodate up to 10 boats. Atthis event you stern tie to the log boom. Let's fill the 180' this year!
Opening Day of Boating is Saturday May 4th! Come on out and watch the crew races and parade! The theme this year is "Boating through the Decades"
You can begin tying to the log boom at 1pm Thursday, May 2nd.
Erin I are there around that time to help assist Tollycraft Boating Club members with tying up. The UW also as crewsthere helping.

If you can make it to the event please put your name, boat name and beam width in the comments to reserve your spot! If we can get enough boats to commit, we will reserve the section, then collect payment from club members.
The cost is $11.00 per foot of beam =

We hope to see you there!