It's a wonderful cruise to Sointula, on Malcom Island. You may be asking; "SOINTULA"? ( just 2 miles across from Pt. Mcniell ).
Here are some reasons:
This hidden gem marina differentiates itself from almost any you will ever visit. It is simply quaint and SUPERB.
ALL the local people-- from commercial fishermen/woman are equally helpful as are the residents and recreational boaters.
The food shack at the marina will blow you away with gourmet food. The daily waiting line for food will attest to that.

The Sointula Marina has a community sponsored coop fuel service from a proper tank truck to fuel vessels from the upper dock. You tie up in the designated area and they feed your tanks with the safe hosing and gear. Supplying high quality product---BOTH gas and Diesel. Whatever the price that day, it will be big dollars LESS than fillip anyplace else. Really! Typical customers are local Commercial as well as big tankage yachts from Flemings, Krogens, and all the local gas rigs.etc.
You call the marina in advance, and they will schedule you.
You'll enjoy this no-hussle stop!