Registration Open for the Opening Day Log Boom

Opening Day Log Boom

April 30 – May 3

Montlake Cut, Lake Washington

Hosted by Steve and Charlene Dittoe (The Big W), Brian and Erin Perkins (Lost in Paradise)

Complete your on-line registration and payment below to reserve your spot on the Log Boom.

*** Deadline to register:  Friday, January 31***


  • Registration with the UW is due in February. The Tollyclub’s participation will confirmed once we have filled our allotted space.
  • Space is limited to 180′ of  log boom space. This can accommodate 12-13 boats depending on the beam widths.
  • If you are using an iPad to register and having difficulty completing payment, please try using a computer or other device.


Thursday, April 30

  • Arrivals – Boats can arrive to the log boom starting at 1 p.m.

Saturday, May 2

  • Opening Day crew races and boat parade


  • Everyone is welcome to join our Tolly Fun! Non-members pay a $10 surcharge per boat to cover their portion of the expenses associated with the event. Please select “1 Non-Member Surcharge” when you register below.
  • Following the event,  you will receive a discount code to join the Tollycraft Boating Club. The code is valid for 30 days and saves you $10 off the new member registration fee.

How to Register

  • Registration fee is $11 / foot of beam
  • Each ticket represents one foot of beam. Select the number of tickets that equal your beam’s width. For example if your beam is 16′, select 16 tickets.
  • For Tolly’s whose beam includes a partial foot, please round up to the next complete foot (i.e. 13.2 feet = 14 feet),
  • Payment must accompany your registration to guarantee your spot on the Log Boom. Please contact our treasurer ( if you have any problems.
  • If you are unable to select your Tolly’s beam, that means we have reached our maximum allowed space on the beam.