Start your weekend with our Friday Five for  April 10. This is what caught our eye this week:

The Ditch Bag

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all ditch bag. Everyone’s is different, depending on where they boat, what the likely rescue scenarios are and the budget. READ MORE

Overheating Ropes

We have a love-hate relationship with nylon rope. When it comes to absorbing shock, it offers the best available combination of strength, elasticity, and economy. On the downside, it is sensitive to UV, abrasion when wet, has a low working load limit, and is weakened over time by internal wear. READ MORE

Understanding Gelcoat

It should be noted how we define Gelcoat: A gelcoat is a high-quality finish, designed to be applied on a fiberglass surface, using the same technology as polyester resins or epoxies (Ie. They don’t ‘dry’, they ‘cure’ using hardener and chemical reactions). Various colours and thicknesses of base gelcoat are available, with colour pigments available to tint and colour match. Once gelcoat is cured fully, it is a hard shell-like surface. READ MORE

5 Man Overboard Safety Devices 

We tested five MOB wearables — wireless safety devices that detect and alert when someone falls overboard — and came away with useful observations on their value. READ MORE

10 Boating Apps You Will Want To Download Today!

Today we take our phones with us everywhere and that includes on our boats.  There are tons of great apps to help boaters navigate, keep an eye on the weather, plan, share, and socialize on the water.  Here are 10 apps that you will want to download today! READ MORE

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