Start your weekend with our Friday Five for  April 3. This is what caught our eye this week:

Mastering The Side Tow Technique

Here’s what to do when your dinghy becomes the tow boat. READ MORE

There’s an App For That

Smartphones have enough processing power, sensors and capabilities to augment or even replace navigation equipment. While I still believe boats should have at least one dedicated display—mobile devices are susceptible to moisture, heat, dead batteries and falling overboard—the list of mobile apps is extremely long, with more coming out every day. READ MORE

Loggerhead Turtle Travels 23,000 Miles from South Africa to Australia

Yoshi the loggerhead turtle lived in captivity at Cape Town’s Two Oceans Aquarium for 20 years, first brought to the facility after the crew on a Japanese fishing boat found her with a damaged shell. She captured the hearts of the aquarium staff and visitors, and they were able to learn more about turtle rehabilitation from their long-term resident, successfully rehabilitating and releasing more than 600 turtles in the past twelve years. READ MORE

How to make a customised plywood-epoxy box – no screws or nails

On any boat, particularly smaller craft, the stowage of more delicate objects is always a challenge and for expensive items some sort of protective casing is required. Metal cases (when available) are, of course, strong but heavy and prone to rust; and while sealed plastic-type boxes are useful, they have their limitations and there are some objects which deserve a better home to keep them safe and secure. READ MORE

Real-time weather from the boat

I’ve always dreamt of having real-time weather from the boat while I am away, and for analyzing trends after a day of being on the water. Most of the attempts I’ve made in the past have used stations and instruments that were meant for a fixed location which have issues on a boat. I’ve found a few new ways to do this which have me really excited. READ MORE

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