Friday Five for April 30

Start your weekend  with our Friday Five for April 30. This is what caught our eye this week:

How to get the latest boat electronics – on a budget

Keeping up to date with the latest navigation technology can be prohibitive. Mike Reynolds shares how to get the latest electronics for your boat for a fraction of the cost. READ MORE

The Dangers of NOT Drinking–Dehydration!

A scary trip to the emergency room taught us about the dangers of dehydration for cruisers. You’ve probably done these things yourself.  READ MORE

Best boat varnish – choose the right varnish for your woodwork

Varnishing often appears to be a simple task, but there’s a bewildering choice of boat varnishes on the market. An understanding of the qualities of different types of varnish is needed to choose the optimum one for each purpose. This is particularly true for exterior woodwork which has to withstand the ravages of sun, rain and frost. READ MORE

Best satellite phone: 6 models to help you keep in touch at sea

The satellite phone has transformed long-distance sailing. Our bluewater cruising forebears would likely be stunned by the ability of modern sailors to download accurate weather forecasts, call anyone in the world and send back videos and images from mid-ocean, all from a tiny device. READ MORE

How to choose the right digital charts for your sailing

Gone are the days when the only screen you had on board was something called a ‘plotter’ to display an electronic version of your paper charts. If you have tried to buy digital charts recently, you will know what a bewildering choice there is. Of course, the charts you buy and the device on which you display them go hand in hand. READ MORE

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