Start this summer weekend  with our Friday Five for August 21. This is what caught our eye this week:

Garmin outage: how safe is online navigation?

July’s Garmin outage left Navionics customers unable to access online services including downloading charts. Yachting Monthly spoke with the cyber security firm Red Sky Alliance about the safety of online navigation system. READ MORE

Understanding DSC and MMSI

It may not rank up there with the great mysteries in life, but it is definitely a puzzlement: Why don’t more boaters set up and understand the use of the Digital Selective Calling function on their VHF radios? READ MORE

Multimeter Basics For Boaters

A multimeter is the most important tool to have on board when it comes to your electrical systems. Used to check voltage, a multimeter performs resistance and continuity tests, and troubleshoot basic electrical issues, just to name a few applications. The tool can seem daunting at first, but once you learn the basics, a multimeter is very straightforward. READ MORE

Refit or Ruin – Arthur Foss

Refitting an old wooden boat is a powerful statement about her intrinsic worth, regardless of tonnage. To bring one back is to write another chapter in an adventure story that defies an ending. The older the boat, the more inspired the story to which you contribute. When that story grows long enough, it becomes history itself—legend. Enter America’s oldest wooden tugboat, the Arthur Foss. Built in Portland, Oregon, and launched in 1889, this tug’s tale includes rushing for Klondike gold, becoming a Hollywood movie star and dodging Japanese bombers at Wake Island and Pearl Harbor. READ MORE

Have You Ever Considered Removing Your AC System?

Clark Beek is the general manager of Saualito’s Spaulding Marine Center and he has a interesting idea – As a marine electrician, almost all of the calls I get for survey or insurance compliance are for alternating current (AC) issues, and they should be: Faults and errors in AC systems can cause electrocution, electric-shock drowning, and/or very expensive corrosion problems. With this in mind, dare I suggest ripping out the AC system altogether? READ MORE

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