Start your weekend  with our Friday Five for December 11. This is what caught our eye this week:

Toy of the month: YuJet electric surfboard promises endless surfing without waves

Surfing has to be the coolest sport in the world. The only problem is the lack of good surfing locations, especially ones with big waves, warm water and plenty of sunshine. So imagine not needing the wave part of the surfing equation at all and simply powering along on a surfboard anywhere there’s flat water. READ MORE

Should Your Boat’s DC Electrical System Be 12 or 24 Volt?—Part 1

Ever wondered why the wiring on our boats is so much heavier than in our houses, even though we draw far less power? READ MORE

Actisense smart universal terminators

NMEA 2000 networks can be frustrating as evidenced by the amount of times I help troubleshoot them. Actisense has come out with a small piece of hardware that is a new take on something old, and adds the utility of being universal. READ MORE

Best chartplotter: 6 great options from marine MFDs to tablets

There are many options to pick from when considering what might be the best chartplotter options or MFDs (Multi Function Display) to put on your boat. This is often made even more complex by the seemingly endless number of functions on offer and a significant amount of jargon, all of which can make selecting the right unit overwhelming. READ MORE

Doing Laundry By Hand

When cruising, there often isn’t a nearby laundromat but there is a pile of dirty laundry. Some boats – the really lucky ones – have a washing machine, large capacity watermaker and the power to support them. Others, like ours, don’t. So we “hand” wash. READ MORE

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