Start your weekend  with our Friday Five for December 18. This is what caught our eye this week:

Excellent adventures – why keeping a logbook is for more than just navigation

I’ve been keeping a log almost as long as I’ve had my Offshore 8M Karima. The first entry was on 27 July 2005, heading out with Philip, my generally non-sailing spouse, for afternoon tea in Vementry. The log records ‘Excellent expedition’. READ MORE

Marine 16 Diesel Dipper tested: Can this fuel filter really clean your tank too?

For a reliable engine you need clean fuel and a clean tank. We test the Diesel Dipper, Marine 16’s answer to keeping it that way… Fuel problems are the most common cause of breakdowns at sea. Some of the blame for this can be laid at the boat builder’s feet. Fuel tanks are often hard to access and many have no drain cock or inspection hatch so owners have to rely on their engines’ inline fuel filters to stop dirt and water getting into the injectors and combustion chamber. READ MORE

How lithium batteries are changing onboard power

Duncan Kent investigates the technology used in lithium batteries and explains what to consider in matching them with a management system. READ MORE

Boating Changes Underway at Transport Canada

Anyone who operates a pleasure craft or wants to do so in the future should take note of changes underway at Transport Canada. The agency, which develops and maintains regulations, standards, policies and guidelines around pleasure crafts, is currently seeking consultation as they modernize both pleasure craft licensing, and the pleasure craft operator competency program. READ MORE

Loan Options for Financing a Boat

For most people, financing a boat is a heavy financial challenge. Fortunately, there are a few boat loans to ease the load from boat financing. Setting aside time to think about a reasonable spending plan and financial capability for your purchase can undoubtedly help you choose the type of boat loan that caters to your lifestyle. READ MORE

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