Friday Five for February 19

Start your weekend  with our Friday Five for February 19. This is what caught our eye this week:

How To Keep OBS (Old Boat Smell) In Check

The main culprit is often a grubby bilge that contains oil, oil residue, and a lot of crud. Here’s what you can do. READ MORE

Introduction to using Grib files with XyGrib

A key aspect of modern weather work is the use of numerical weather model forecasts in Grib format. This should not be treated as a sole source of information, but it is extremely valuable once you have evaluated the forecast.  READ MORE

Make your own bilge pump alarm

A bilge alarm is an essential piece of kit on any boat. You can buy a bilge alarm on Amazon or at any chandlery or make your own using a simple aquarium float sensor. READ MORE

Remotely accessing boat systems

Accessing your boat remotely is a common desire. Most people can access their home remotely, so it seems like it should be just as easy for your boat. But there are some limitations with the types of connectivity that most boaters have that make it a bit more challenging. READ MORE

Best boat dehumidifier: 10 powerful models to keep your boat dry

Damp and condensation can lead to serious problems in a yacht, getting hold of the best boat dehumidifier will make an enormous difference. David Harding looks at 10 of the best options on the market. READ MORE

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