Start your weekend with our Friday Five for February 28. This is what caught our eye this week:

Ahead of the Curve: “Smart” Boat Tech Takes The Mound

A slew of monitors, products connected to one another (the Internet of Things) and “smart” products launched recently promise to make all of our boating lives better. The general idea is that we’ll be able to monitor, well, everything and spot problems a whole lot sooner than in the past, saving us the trauma of missing out on a great weather weekend because of a busted boat. READ MORE

When Momentum Is the Enemy

Making good decisions at sea is about much more than going with your gut. READ MORE

Saving Lakebay Marina for Everyone

Murkiness surrounding the fate of South Puget Sound’s Lakebay Marina is beginning to look a bit more clear. READ MORE

Choosing an AXIS Quad camera server for boating cameras

One thing I found early on with Rendezvous is that a camera on the side of the boat seemed like a pretty important thing to have while docking. I’ve had a system in place now for a year and am very happy with the results. READ MORE

Cruisers College Offers Full Slate of Classes For DIYers and Inside Passage Voyagers

If you’re looking to up your onboard DIY skills, want to become a more confident boater, or are dreaming of sailing north and beyond, Cruisers College has a lineup of classes to help you do just that. The schedule includes eight classes and seminars at the Marine Technology Center in Anacortes that range from 3 hour sessions to full day cruising seminars. READ MORE

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