Friday Five January 15

Start your weekend  with our Friday Five for January 15. This is what caught our eye this week:

Build Your Own Boot Dryer

While hard water is best left for the ice-boaters, there is never any shortage of projects to keep sailors connected with their boats and to stay active through winter — like building a boot-dryer. READ MORE

Supercharge Your Boat’s Information Gathering with Signal K

People today want to see the same level of information on their boats that they can for their homes and cars. Onboard questions abound, like: How much water and fuel am I using? How is the engine performing? And how much power am I consuming while at anchor? Well, there are a number of technologies that are easier than ever to get your hands on, which can help an older boat be more connected, and a newer boat be even better integrated. READ MORE

Reducing Engine Room Noise

Engines make noise. Crew – especially when they’re trying to hold a conversation, sleep, or just relax – don’t like noise. The solution? Isolate the crew from the engine noise and vibration. READ MORE

Product News: December 2020

See what’s new for you and your boat. READ MORE

Creating a Custom Med Kit

First-aid kits fall into the hope-we-never-have-to-use-it category. Lucky sailors go an entire cruise or summer without even having to remember where it is. The rest of us dig it out from time to time, and then wonder why there’s so little in it or why there’s so much of stuff we’ve never used. READ MORE

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