Start your weekend  with our Friday Five for January 8. This is what caught our eye this week:

The worst boat I ever surveyed

Jam jars for nav lights and kerb stones for ballast! Mike Coates recalls his astonishment when asked to survey a new motorboat. READ MORE

Hose Clamp Smarts

Here’s a wild little suggestion for you. Think about designating a few hours during the upcoming weekend to tightening and otherwise addressing all or most of the hose clamps you have on board your boat. Sound like a make-work project? A silly thing to do? A waste of time? READ MORE

External Digital Oven Thermometer

Do you wish you had an external digital oven thermometer? One that doesn’t require you to open the oven door — and lose that hard-won heat — just to check the temperature? And maybe a large enough display to actually read it? READ MORE

New Anchor Chain Checklist

Replacing your old anchor chain for new isn’t as straight forward as you might think. Use this New Anchor Chain Checklist to ensure you get the right chain for your gypsy. READ MORE

How to get rid of condensation on a boat Part 1

Most production boats have notoriously poor ventilation and insulation. The result is a damp, mouldy and not very healthy, nor comfortable environment. They are hot when it’s warm, and freezing when it’s cold. Here’s how to get rid of the problems on a reasonable budget. READ MORE

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