Start this summer weekend  with our Friday Five for July 17. This is what caught our eye this week:

Fire Safety At Sea

Have you taken all the steps necessary to prevent or stop a fire on board? READ MORE

Back by popular demand: Icom relaunches IC-M423G and IC-M400BB Fixed Marine VHF radios

The IC-M423GE (formerly the IC-M423G) and the IC-M400BBE (formerly the IC-M400BB) slot back into Icom’s fixed marine VHF line up. Both models are almost identical to their predecessors except that they now feature an integrated GPS and an external GPS antenna to meet the latest ITU-R M493-14 regulations. READ MORE

Updating your onboard software

Allowing your electronic charts and other software to become out of date is dangerous, but updating can be something of a mine-field. READ MORE

How To Make Incompatible Electrical Wire Size Compatible

Here’s a nifty little trick if the hang-up has something to do with compatibility issues arising between electrical wire size and the size of the butt, spade, disconnect or snap-plug-type electrical connectors you have in your toolbox. You know, where the wire you’re working with is, let’s say, 16 gauge and the only connector sizes you have in stock are considerably larger and strictly applicable to wire sizes between 12 and 10 gauges only. What to do? READ MORE

How To Prepare A Boat For A Major Hurricane

How do you prepare a boat for a hurricane? What do you do if there’s a major hurricane – Category 3 or above – bearing down on your boat? Surviving the storm involves a certain amount of luck but you can substantially up your odds with good preparation. READ MORE

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