Start your 4th of July weekend with our Friday Five for July 3. This is what caught our eye this week:

FLIR Unveils Raymarine Axiom+ and New Electronic Chart Catalog

Raymarine debuted its new Axiom+ Multifunction navigation displays and updated Raymarine Lighthouse Charts, giving the media a preview via a webinar last week. Raymarine parent company FLIR unveiled the successor to its Axiom MFDs, Axiom+ was engineered with speed, responsiveness and future expansion in mind. READ MORE

Securing Your Boat During Uncertain Times

After over a decade of developing systems and products to protect military bases in the Middle East, royal palaces, and even the borders of countries, I’ve turned my efforts towards protecting boats. This pivot happened after an incident involving my own boat in 2017. During the COVID-19 crisis, I’ve noticed an uptick in boat security events in the Pacific Northwest. READ MORE

Polonius Was Right

We need Tool Amnesty Day for returning all the stuff we borrowed and then accidentally kept. READ MORE

Benefits of Installing an Inverter Bypass Switch

The bypass switch allows the owner to send power to inverted loads (usually electrical outlets, heaters, dehumidifiers etc.), by sending electric current around the inverter. This is great for periods of extended absence by the boat owner. Without the bypass, when power is lost on the boat, the inverter will try to support the heaters and dehumidifiers and will operate on BATTERY POWER until the batteries are DEAD.  READ MORE

Consigned, Sealed and Delivered

How a boating couple saved a marine consignment and supply store in the Pacific Northwest. READ MORE

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