Start your weekend with our Friday Five for June 12. This is what caught our eye this week:

Sunset Traditions

Cruising, sunset is much more meaningful. It’s the end of light for a passage. It’s when the stars come out and (hopefully) put on a magical show. And it can be stunning sky paintings. READ MORE

Tested: the new style Ultra Anchor

At first glance the 12kg anchor with the Ultra Flip Swivel is similar to a Spade anchor, but with curves on three planes. The upper surface curves strongly downwards towards the tip, so that it catches and digs in even on hard, flat surfaces. READ MORE

Ode To Solidity

John Steinbeck knew why we can’t pass a hull without giving it a knock. READ MORE

Easy Ways To Keep Your Boat Clean

There is something beautiful about a well maintained boat.  It just glistens and gleams on the water.  You can just see the love and respect the captain has for his vessel. That being said not every crew member enjoys the swabbing and scrubbing the decks.  Here are a few tips for preventative care that will save you considerable time in keeping your boat ship shape so you can spend more time fishing, cruising and playing on the water.  READ MORE

What About The Fuel?

I recently heard from a reader asking about fuel: With the price of fuel as low as it is, is now a good time to fill up the tanks? READ MORE

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