Start your weekend with our Friday Five for  March 13. This is what caught our eye this week:

Washington State Aims To Preserve Port Townsend

On February 26, commissioners for the Port of Port Townsend, Wash., voted unanimously to partner with the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation to restore and preserve Point Hudson, a popular recreating and boating area. READ MORE

Heating your boat when it’s actually cold – diesel heaters compared

One of the things I get asked most often is: How do you actually heat your boat? I’ve got 2 different types of diesel heaters on board my boat, a Refleks diesel stove and a Planar forced air diesel heater, both of which I’ve installed myself. I also use electric heating when I can and I’ve also researched other types of heating (propane) that you could use on a boat. In this video I’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of all these types of heaters, and I’ll try to give you tips for using them in the most efficient way. READ MORE

Puget Sound: Maintaining a No Discharge Zone

Through the effort of the Washington State Department of Ecology, its several partners, and the boating community, this scenic passage is a becoming a clean, unpolluted region for visitors, boaters, and active marine wildlife. READ MORE

Rowing the Rapids of the Inside Passage

Every cruising guide has advice about how to run a rapid, but none speak to the motorless sailor. So as I cruised south through the Inside Passage last summer, I knew I’d have to follow the advice of a friend when I encountered swift moving water along my route in the back channels that hug mainland British Columbia. “Nose in as early as you can,” he’d told me. “Give way to every boat, and just before the tide turns in your favor, row hard.” READ MORE

Automatic fender system promises to take the hassle out of mooring up

In the 1937 book We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea, yachting author Arthur Ransome describes putting to sea with your fenders still hanging down the sides of the boat as ‘like a gentleman coming down to breakfast with his shirt tails hanging out’. He was right then and it is still absolutely true today, it’s very poor form. If you can’t be bothered to pull in your fenders then this new device from Go Earth Ltd will save your blushes — electric fender lifters. READ MORE

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