Start your weekend with our Friday Five for  March 20. This is what caught our eye this week:

How and where to install a new windlass battery on your boat

PBO electrics expert Duncan Kent answers a multi-part battery installation query. READ MORE

Product News – March 2020

From the March issue of 48° North READ MORE

New Study Shows Ocean Currents are Speeding Up

It is no mystery that sea levels have been rising, but scientists have recently identified another change: Ocean currents are speeding up. According to a study in Science Advances, this acceleration has been occurring since the 1990s, with the energy of currents increasing by approximately 15% per decade, and accelerating winds are the culprit. READ MORE

Chamber Closure at Ballard Locks

On February 12, 2020, the large chamber of the Ballard Locks was closed for maintenance. The closure is due to run through early April as crews work to replace two Stoney Gate Valves. These valves are what opens the 102-year-old filling culvert gates and is the same technology that was used during the construction of the Panama Canal. READ MORE

Lithium batteries for boats reviewed – 12 of the best lithium boat batteries tested

Boat owners have long relied upon the lead-acid battery to start their engines, run electric lights and, these days, to power inverters to run household items such as kettles, microwaves and more. Yet lithium batteries offer much better performance and lifespan, but at a much higher up-front price. So is it time for you to switch from the 19th century technology to the 21st? READ MORE

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