Start your weekend with our Friday Five for  March 27. This is what caught our eye this week:

Battery maintenance for boat owners: How to look after your boat batteries

For all but the smallest and simplest of craft a reliable supply of battery power is essential to keep both vital safety systems and domestic comforts running. They’re therefore an integral part of a boat’s reliability and resilience. READ MORE

Submarine Group 9: Run Silent, Run Deep

You may not be aware of it, but Uncle Sam’s arsenal of democracy is hiding in plain sight on the Kitsap Peninsula. READ MORE

What Should Be Included on a Float Plan?

Pilots file a flight plan before each takeoff for general safety and to facilitate possible search-and-rescue operations should they be needed. For the same reasons, boaters should file a float plan, which is the best preparation for a boating emergency. READ MORE

Caulks Versus Mildew

We expect a lot from sealants. They must withstand UV, salt and cleaning chemicals, bond to everything, flex to absorb mechanical and thermal strains, be strong but removable when equipment needs serviced, and stay white. Wow. In PS Marine Sealant Adhesion Tests (December 2016) we tested the shear strength of many caulks on many materials and delivered a few tentative recommendations. Three years later, it is time to follow-up with field observations. READ MORE

Armstrong Marine to Build Hat Island Passenger Ferry

Hold Your Hat! The Hat Island Community is about to get a brand-new, spiffy, custom passenger ferry thanks to boatbuilder Armstrong Marine. READ MORE

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