Start your weekend with our Friday Five for May 29. This is what caught our eye this week:

Steer Clear of the Marine Cleaner Con

If you’ve got a locker full of nearly empty black-streak cleaners, waterline-stain cleaners, mildew preventers, bilge cleaners, and boat soaps, now is your chance to retire them all and reduce your cleaning arsenal to just four or five products that can fit in a small bucket. READ MORE

A Solution for ‘Slow-Fi?’

IBEX Innovation Award nominee Shakespeare Marine has launched an answer to slow Wi-Fi on the water. The Stream Wireless Internet Booster uses Shakespeare’s marine cellular technology to amplify weak cell signals along inshore, coastal and popular cruising routes, enabling boaters to use data more reliably on their cellular devices. READ MORE

Electric Dreams And Hybrid Solutions

Just as electric and hybrid cars are increasingly common on highways, electric and hybrid boats are beginning to make a ripple on cruising grounds across North America. Electric remains a small but growing niche in recreational boating. It’s not for everyone, but for certain boaters on certain cruising grounds, electric provides a rewarding addition to their lifestyle. READ MORE

16 Time-Tested Nav Tips To Get You Home

These fundamental navigation tips may help get you home when things go kablooey. READ MORE

When Is a Boat Not a Boat?

In Lozman v. Riviera Beach, 568 U. S. ____ (2013), The Supreme Court decided that many structures which float and move on the water – floating homes, for instance – will no longer be considered “vessels” for purposes of federal law. This decision has sent shockwaves through the maritime community as the implications are enormous, for business and individuals alike. READ MORE

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