Start your weekend  with our Friday Five for October 9. This is what caught our eye this week:

Review: Simrad NSO EVO3S

Simrad’s NSO Evo3S has a fast six-core processor and a touchscreen user interface. READ MORE

Do-It-Yourself Chafe Protection

In this post, we’ll revisit one solution that comes up again and again anytime we talk about chafe protection: the leather chafe guard. READ MORE

Now this is an inflatable! Argos Nautic 305

Here’s a dinghy that will get you to the shoreside pier in style; this bespoke 10′ RIB tender has a striking profile that quickens the pulse and unrivaled luxury. READ MORE

How to: Plot a route on paper charts and a chartplotter for a safe journey

Once you’ve set up your chartplotter, the next step is knowing how to enter a route and using it to stay safe when underway. If the area is unfamiliar, I always recommend using a physical chart first to plan where you want to go. It really helps to see your entire route in one go without having to scroll or zoom, and with practice you will learn to visualize in your head where things are in relation to one another. READ MORE

Four Solvents for Nearly Every Boat Job

As with cleaners its easy to be over-specific with solvents. Pretty soon, we end up with a zillion cans in the paint locker. For these everyday jobs, a few generics can do the trick. READ MORE

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