Start this first autumn weekend  with our Friday Five for September 25. This is what caught our eye this week:

Why Raymarine Lighthouse Charts is a serious alternative to Navionics

Raymarine is cutting its reliance on Navionics and C-Map by launching its own brand of electronic charts. Called Lighthouse Charts, they are based on existing data from official hydrographic sources, which has been grafted into their own-in-house format. The claimed benefits of the new charting software are exceptional clarity, greater functionality and enhanced imagery. READ MORE

Tips on Choosing and Sizing Anchor Shackles

Stainless-steel shackles, even high-quality ones, don’t belong in the anchor rode in our view because of the limitations of the material itself, and susceptibility to forms of corrosion that are nearly invisible. READ MORE

5-star Meals Begin with Proper Grill Care

Grilling is truly our favorite way to cook, ashore or onboard. Nothing compares to the smoky flavor of grilled foods. Plus, grilled foods are easy, they taste great, and they keep the cabin cool on a hot day, but don’t forget the cleanup. READ MORE

DIY Topside Paint Test: Two-part Linear Polyurethanes Face Off

Is painting a boat’s hull a job for an amateur painter? Should a mono-urethane or two-part linear polyurethane (LPU) be used? Practical Sailor is often asked these questions. Our answer? That depends on the painter and the paint. READ MORE

Bargain-priced Sailing Clothes for Cold Weather

Whether you want to cruise the higher latitudes or extend your sailing season this winter, the right clothing is important. Over the years, Practical Sailor has published a number of tests and reports on the clothing that keep us warm when the wind chill dips toward freezing. READ MORE

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