Start your weekend with our Friday Five for January 24. This is what caught our eye this week:


OLAS Guardian: The wireless kill cord that cuts the hassle out of boat safety

An affordable new wireless kill cord could set sportsboat owners free from the helm and improve safety. We take a closer look at the OLAS Guardian READ MORE

SWOT Analysis for PNW Boating

Now for something completely different, I offer a recreational boating SWOT for you to throw darts at or hang on your power wall. For the uninitiated, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis was invented in the 1960s by management consultant Albert Humphrey at the Stanford Research Institute. READ MORE

LPG Explosion Kills Two Sailors in Puerto Rico

A fatal New Year’s eve explosion and fire aboard a 42-foot catamaran docked in Puerto Rico offers a tragic reminder of the risks and responsibilities when storing and using liquid petroleum gas aboard a cruising boat. READ MORE

ugo Waterproof Tablet Case

Looking for a truly waterproof case for your iPad or another tablet? If you use your tablet for navigation, as we do with AquaMaps, several features are critically important. READ MORE

Not Your Father’s VHF

At the 2019 National Marine Electronics Association expo, Vesper Marine announced Cortex. It’s a modular system with a base unit, handsets and a mobile app. Cortex systems can start with just an M1 base unit, which provides AIS and monitoring capabilities. Adding an H1 or H1p handset enables VHF radio functionality. READ MORE

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