Lori Potts Past Commodore

Joined the Tollycraft Boating Club:  2002 ( the last Rendezvous held in Port Orchard)

Spouse/Partner: Steven Holmes

Occupation: Hardware Engineer (retired)

What she’s doing today:  I am so busy now that I am retired!

Her favourite Tollycraft Boating Club memory:  There are too many to just pick one. But one fond memory was our first rendezvous in Port Orchard when the “red shirt’ brigade greeted almost every boat and made sure we were tied up securely.

She joined the Tollycraft Boating Club Bridge because:  My husband was obsessed with Tollycrafts.

What she’s most proud of during her time as the Tollyclub commodore:  The friendships I have made and having a successful rendezvous, without my husband. The Tollyclub has always been so welcoming, and have always had my back.

Challenges she and her bridge overcame while she was commodore: Sadly, you cannot always please everyone. Listening to complaints and not being able to resolve them at the last minute were the most challenging.

Her Rendezvous theme and its inspiration: My theme was a country “Round Up”. Love country music and hoped to have a line dance or square dance, which we did have an instructor for square dancing!

Her Tollys: Lori Ann II (Godot),1984 Tolly 34 Tri Cabin and Lori Ann, 1978 Tolly 26 (current boat)

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