Sandra Lewis CommodoreShifty, Sandra’s first Tolly, had her at TEAL. She fell in love with the lines and the infamous color of the brand. Sandra and her husband, Trevor are fully invested in Tolly.

It seemed like it was just minutes, and she was contributing as a member of the Tollycraft Boating Club Bridge! Sandra’s support of prior commodores and leadership as commodore has been transformative! Her creativity and talent for communication reinvigorated the club!

Leaning strong on her communications skills, Sandra created opportunities for members to connect in a variety of ways. Under her guidance the club website became an efficient hub for club information, event registration, and membership.

During Covid, she created the Zoom Docktails, which was a great way to get the group together both near and far. Our members looked forward to the Zoom calls and we saw the club engage members outside of the PNW.

Sandra accomplished what may have been a first, serving as the big cheese for the Canadian Tollycruisers, as well as the Commodore for the Tollycraft Boating Club. A lot of us look at her with amazement and wonder, “How does she do it all?” Sandra has been a mentor and positive influence, shaping the future of the club leadership. She is always willing to help others.

Sandra oozes Tolly Club and brand history. She made sure this valuable information was shared on the club Facebook page, our website, and at club events. Of course, our members are central to any telling of history. Her view was always toward the future, growing the Tolly brand and drawing others in to experience the joy of the Tolly community.

Sandra’s rendezvous theme was inspired by her love of fun and Dr. Seuss, Seussical the Rendezvous(ical) was a smashing success! Two significant leadership changes that made the event truly special were Sandra’s engagement of volunteers and the delegation of tasks along the bridge. We all loved getting involved in the event at a new level!

Most recently, their first love, Shifty, received an engine rebuild. This could possibly be Sandra’s favourite get around vessel. Second in command and their liveaboard is Shiloh. Talk about a beautiful home!

Shiloh might just be her muse as she creates delicious food, shares beautiful photos and creates intriguing web designs, blogs and shares all things Tolly (possibly her second love to Trevor?).

Sandra is appreciated more than words can fully express, our club will retain her indelible mark and contributions for years to come!