Tollycraft Boating Club Bridge

The Tollycraft Boating Club is making an open call for Tollycraft owners to serve on the club’s Bridge as trustees and treasurer. You would join a dynamic team of Tollycraft owners working in support of the club and the Tollycraft brand.

Bridge terms for trustees are five to six years as you move through the chairs and two years with an optional third year for the treasurer.

About the Tollycraft Boating Club

The Tollycraft Boating Club serves a club membership of over 220 boats and their owners, associate members and honorary members. It also supports non-members to support the legacy of the Tollycraft brand.

We support the Tollycraft Brand in three core ways:

Our events including mini-cruises, the annual Rendezvous and virtual events give members the opportunity to enjoy comraderie with other Tollycraft owners, share knowledege and keep the brand visible throughout Puget Sound.

Our social media, website and communications gives Tollycraft owners a place to discuss all things Tolly stay up-to-date on club events and programs and recruits new club members.

Our member benefits program continues to grow each year and gives members more than just a club burgee and name tag.

Bridge Member Responsibilities

  • Understand and support the mission, purpose, and programs of the Tollycraft Boating Club.
  • Prepare for, attend, and fully participate in approximately 9 Bridge meetings annually and other meetings and club activities including the Rendezvous.
  • Exercise reasonable and prudent care with respect to the Tollyclub, its volunteers, members, and its financial and other assets.
  • Take initiative and provide leadership to ensure all significant matters are appropriately addressed.
  • Act in good faith and in a manner to be in the best interest of the Tollycraft Boating Club in carrying out Bridge responsibilities.
  • Serve as an ambassador and advocate for Tollycraft Boating Club.

About the Bridge

The Executive Bridge Officers consist of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past Commodore and Trustee(s). The officers are elected by the members of the club at the annual Rendezvous business meeting and hold their office for a period of one year.

All executive officers advance through the chairs (with the exception of the secretary and treasurer). Officers advancing through the chairs will not serve more than two terms consecutively in the same position.

Each role on the bridge has a defined job description.

The officers must be owners of Tollycraft boats on the date of their original election to any executive bridge office.


  • Passionate about Tollycrafts, the brand and the club.
  • Committed to helping the Tollycraft Boating Club continue to grow.

More Information

To Apply

Please submit a brief letter of interest along with whether you are interested in joining as a trustee or treasure to

If you have any questions, please contact:

Sandra Lewis