Tollyclub Mini-Cruises

The Tollycraft Boating Club hosts a series of mini-cruises throughout the year. These cruises give club members the opportunity to meet throughout Puget Sound. The Tollyclub Bridge organizes the calendar of cruises and reserves slips at individual marinas. Bridge members and other club members act as hosts during the event.

Club members are responsible for event registration, moorage payment and in most cases contacting the marina to secure their slip. During the weekend, there may be a pot-luck dinner and/or organized dinner at a local restaurant.

Registration and payment for all Tollyclub mini-cruises is completed on-line. Please do not “reserve” your spot on Facebook or via an email to a bridge member.

Non-members are welcome to attend by paying a non-member surcharge. This surcharge is refundable if club membership is completed within 30 days.

If you are interested in hosting a mini-cruise in your area, please contact the Commodore to discuss the options available to you.