2021 Tollyclub Rendezvous

Thinking about or planning on attending the Tollyclub Rendezvous? Here are some Tollyclub Rendezvous FAQs to help make this a great event for everyone on your Tolly!


Your Rendezvous registration fee covers:

  • Burgers and Brews on Saturday
  • Catered dinner on Saturday night
  • Club sponsored dinner on Friday
  • Two continental breakfasts (coffee and doughnuts)
  • One breakfast prepared by the club’s Bridge and other volunteers
  • Souvenir t-shirts for each registered participant
  • Commodore gift for your boat
  • And lots of fun!!!!
  • Complete schedule

Registration Fees and Dates

  • Members: $125/person
  • Children (0-11): Free
  • Non-Members: $150/person
  • Late registration: +$30/person (May 22  – June 8)
  • On-line registration


Everyone is welcome to join our Tolly Fun! If your Tolly is not currently registered with the Tollycraft Boating Club, there is a non-member surcharge to cover expenses associated with the event. Please select “non-member registration” when you register.

Following the event,  you will receive a discount code to join the Tollycraft Boating Club. The code is valid for 30 days and saves you $25 off the new member registration fee.

Moorage at Roche Harbor

The Rendezvous registration fee does not include moorage. Payment for your moorage is completed directly with the marina staff once you arrive at Roche Harbor. And they come to your slip!

There is no charge for moorage on Wednesday. Check-in is after 1 p.m.

Slip assignments will be made by Roche Harbor – you do not need to contact Roche Harbor to reserve a slip.

Upon entering Roche Harbor contact the Harbor Master on Channel 78A for a slip assignment. Let the Harbor Master know you are with the Tollycraft Rendezvous. Roche Harbor dock staff will be there to assist you with docking.

If you plan to arrive prior to Wednesday at 1 p.m. or stay past Sunday at 12 p.m., please note that Roche Harbor is NOT accepting reservations for summer moorage this year. Transient moorage is on a first come first serve basis and you will need to make arrangements directly with Roche Harbor for dates other than during the Rendezvous.

Depending on the size of your boat and the size of the slip you are assigned, you may share with another Tolly member – a great way to get know more people.

Entering Roche Harbor

It is best to enter Roche Harbor on the West side of Pearl Island. The channel on the east side of the island is shallow and in line with dangerous rocks outside. Consult your favourite cruising guide and tide and current tables when planning your arrival and departure.

Roche Harbor Pearl Island

Social distancing and other considerations

  • Social distancing is in effect on the docks and throughout Roche Harbor.
  • Masks are required on the docks and in all Roche Harbor venues unless you are eating or drinking.
  • The tents on the dock may have the sides removed, so plan on warm clothes for the evenings,
  • The capacity of each tent is limited to a maximum of 30 people. The tables and chairs in the tents will be set up by Roche Harbor. We are NOT allowed to move any tables or chairs.
  • No Thursday evening potluck.
  • All meals will be served in a paper To Go box. You can eat at one of the tables, take your meal back to your boat or spread out on the dock.
  • The club will provide hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes.
  • Emphasis is on safe food handling.  The club is providing:
    • Food safe gloves.
    • Paper plates, paper to-go boxes, paper cups and napkins.
    • Prepackaged plastic utensils (knife, fork, spoon, napkin).
    • Individually packaged condiments (sugar, creamer, butter, syrup, ketchup, mustard, mayo, salt, pepper, etc.).
    • This goes against our effort to go green and minimize disposable paper products, but safety comes first this year!  All the paper goods will be recyclable.

Roche Harbor Dock Staff

Roche Harbor provides someone from their dock staff to assist us. Roche Harbor requests that you contact a bridge emmber if you need anything, and not ask the dock staff directly.

First time attending a Tollyclub Rendezvous?

All first time Rendezvous participants and new Tollyclub members are invited to a meet & greet on Thursday afternoon.  This is your chance to meet other newcomers, ask any questions you may have and start the fun of Rendezvous weekend. For more ideas on what to expect check out the photos from our most recent Rendezvous.

The Rendezvous Theme

The 2021 Tollyclub Rendezvous theme is Gone Fishin’. The events and decor during the Rendezvous are based around this theme.

Join in the Gone Fishin’ theme by:

  • Decorating your boat
  • Dressing the part during our Commodore’s Reception and dinner on Saturday evening.
  •  If your pet is attending the Rendezvous, be sure to include a Gone Fishin’ themed outfit for our annual Pet Parade.

Rendezvous Awards

During the Commodore’s Reception on Saturday evening, awards are presented:

  • Best of Show
  • Best Original Tolly
  • Best Restored Tolly
  • Best Decorated Tolly
  • Best Costume

These awards are determined by secret ballot by all participants.  Your ballot is included in your welcome package. During the weekend you will have the opportunity to meet other Tolly owners and see their boats to complete your ballot.

Pet Parade

All pets (with their humans) are welcome to take part in our Pet Parade. Tollyclub celebrities judge the pets based on the following criteria:

  • Theme: How well the Gone Fishin’ theme is portrayed by the pet
  • Presentation:  The pet and human’s presentation on the red carpet
  • Creativity:  Incorporation of creativity into the theme representation and/or presentation
  • Overall Impression
  • The pets with the three highest overall scores receive prizes.

Prior to the pet parade, complete the pet information form (included in your welcome package) to hand to the MC during the Pet Parade.


One of the reasons our Rendezvous is always a great success is all the club members who volunteer during the event. This year we will need more volunteers, to help serve food and make to-go boxes. There will be a volunteer sign up list at the registration table. We hope everyone will pitch in for an hour to help make the event a success. We are looking for volunteers for the following:

  • Event photography & social media (it is highly unlikely our unofficial club photographer will able to cross the border)
  • Wednesday Afternoon Set up
  • Registration
  • Clothing Sales
  • 50/50 Raffle Ticket Sales
  • Burgers and Brews
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Saturday Night Salmon BBQ
  • Sunday Morning Clean Up

Morning Coffee and Donuts

Donuts will be served on individual plates. A hand sanitizer station will be provided next to the coffee pots

Burgers and Brews

Food will be served in To-Go Boxes so people can spread out on the dock or eat on their boat.

Friday Night Gone Fishing Picnic

Roche Harbor will deliver a “Picnic In A Box” to the Main Tent. The meals will be delivered in small quantities, to ensure the meals are hot when you receive them. The delivery times will be in alphabetical order based on your boat name. A schedule will be posted on Friday morning. You will have a choice of Fried Chicken or Pizza. Beer and wine will be provided.

Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast

Breakfast will be served in To-Go Boxes so people can eat at one of the tables or take breakfast back to their boat.

You can sign-up in advance at the registration table to select a time for breakfast. This will avoid having large numbers of people in line.

Saturday Night Salmon BBQ

Saturday night’s dinner is sure to be a treat! Join us for a salmon BBQ accompanied by Mary LaFleur’s famous clam chowder!  The salmon will be barbecued and served by volunteers from the club. If grilling salmon is one of your special talents, please volunteer to help Tollyclub Honorary Member Marc Talley with the BBQ = we need 6 volunteers.

Dinner will be served in a To-Go Box so you can eat at one of the tables, take your dinner back to your boat or spread out on the dock.

There will be a sign-up list at the registration table to you can select a time for dinner.  This will avoid having large numbers of people in line,

Don’t like Salmon? You will be able to sign up for teriyaki chicken.

Since this is the first time we have done this, and with our emphasis on safe food handling, things might not go quite as smoothly as we would like. Please be patient and we will work through any issues that come up together.

Group Photo

We will break up into smaller groups with everyone spaced 6 feet apart. Our group photo will be broken up into multiple photographs, which we will merge together.

Daily Announcements

We have tried to think of all the possibilities as we planned his year’s event. But we are in uncharted territory, and things are bound to come up. If we all patient and work together we will have safe and fun Rendezvous.

You will see on the Schedule of Events that there are announcements each evening. We will let you know of any changes in the Schedule of Events and answer any questions you have.

Tolly Store

The Tolly store will be fully stocked with Tolly Gear including all new items for 2021. This is the big sales event of the year, so don’t pass up this opportunity.

50/50 Raffle Ticket Sales

Raffle Tickets will be sold all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Look for the volunteers in the red aprons walking up and down the dock.

  • Tickets are 5 for $5 or 25 for $20.
  • There will be a drawing every evening. The winner will receive 50% of the ticket sales for that day. The other 50% goes to the club.
  • There will be a second and a third drawing for Fisheries Supply Gift Cards ($100 and $50)

Silent Auction

Be ready to place your best bid on several silent auction items on Saturday! We are going to auction off some great items, including a Scotty 2500 Crab Pot Puller (Retail Price is about $425 + Tax) which was donated to the club.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Tollycraft Boating Club Rendezvous and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Schedule and On-Line Registration