2021 Tollyclub Rendezvous

2022 Tollyclub Rendezvous Sponsors and Contributors

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Cat in the Hat Auction Contributors

Tollyclub Sponsors
  • Jennifer & Travis Bryan (DevilDawg): Tollyclub Velvet Pillow (2); Wine Package (2)
  • Sandra & Trevor Lewis (Shifty): Seahawks Package; Tollycraft 70th Anniversary Wine Package (3)
  • Scott Fultz (Honorary Member): Tollycraft Art
  • Theresa & Scotty Wilson (Indulgence): Glass Tollyclub Burgee (3)
  • Dennis & Donna Friedrich (formerly Dolly’s Tolly): Tollycraft Art
  • Paul & Debbie Jones (Destiny): Dale Chihuly Book; Outboard Haulout
  • Korinne & Eric Peterson (Bootyscratcher): Cork Trivet
  • Susan Rebello (Shanti’) & Anne Marie Reunert (Fortuna): Tollyclub Coffee Baskets (3)
  • Dick & Karol Cahan (C-Dream): Prawn Traps (Used) (3)
  • Amy Hagen Cowell & Bob Cowell (Hoku Ala): 1 pound bag of Hawaiian Estate Grown Kona Coffee (2)
  • Mark & Linda Wilson (Can’t Complain): Tollycraft Off White Spectrum Gelcoat (1 Quart)
  • Blair & Penny Beebe (Sea Escape): Dinghy Picnic Package

If you have items for the Cat in the Hat Auction, please email commodore@tollyclub.com and bring all items to the small tent by 9:30 on Friday, June 24.

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