This page is for to share tips for restoring your Tollycraft and for members to share their favourite Tollycraft projects. This may be a full restoration from top to bottom. Or it may be a favourite project that makes life on your Tolly better. Perhaps you’ve completed a galley or head redo. Have you completed an engine room overhaul? Or refinished all of your teak, upgraded your lighting or added a hammock? The options are pretty much unlimited.

Tollycraft Paint Colours

Paint Codes from Cloverdale/Rodda Paint Company:

Turquoise (Tolly Teal)

Product Code: 1110114

Color Code: LV 07L875

Dark Blue

Product Code: 1110414

Color Code: LV 07L876

Off White

Product Code: 1110314

Color Code: LV 07L877

Share your Project

To have your project included on the Tollyclub website, please send your photos (before and after are appreciated) and some details on the project scope, what you did and any other information you’d like to share to