Tollyclub Bridge Officers

A volunteer bridge manages the Tollyclub and its events and functions. Please contact a member below  with your questions, suggestions and concerns.

If you are interested in participating on the bridge, please contact the Commodore.

2023-2024 Tollyclub Bridge Officers


Korinne Peterson

Korinne Peterson
Bootyscratcher, 1978 Tolly 26
Contact (commodore AT

Vice Commodore (Events Chair)

Susan Rebello
Shanti’, 1989 Tolly 34
Contact (vicecommodore AT

Rear Commodore (Fundraising and Club Store Chair)

Glen Peters

Glen Peters
Favourite Child, 1979 Tolly 34
Contact (rearcommodore AT

First Trustee (Membership Chair)

Mark Cohen
Attitude 48°, 1979 Tolly 40
Contact (firsttrustee AT

Second Trustee (Club Growth & Engagement Chair)

Greg Gustafson Tollycraft Bridge

Greg Gustafson
Cool Change, 1988 Tolly 34
Contact (secondtrustee AT

Immediate Past Commodore (Sponsorship Chair)

Tollyclub Sponsor Everett Yacht Sales, Steve Dittoe

Steve Dittoe
The Big W, 1977 Tolly 48
Contact (pastcommodore AT


Diane Graf
Water Therapy, 1988 Tolly 34
Contact (secretary AT


Tim Lunsford
Dr. Tealgood, 1979 Tolly 26
Contact (treasurer AT

About the Bridge

The Executive Bridge Officers consist of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past Commodore and Trustee(s). The officers are elected by the members of the club at the annual Rendezvous business meeting and hold their office for a period of one year. All executive officers advance through the chairs (with the exception of the secretary and treasurer).  Officers advancing through the chairs will not serve more than two terms consecutively in the same position.

Each role on the bridge has a defined job description.

The officers must be owners of Tollycraft boats on the date of their original election to any executive bridge office.

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