Tollycraft Boating Club History

The Tollycraft Boating Club is a boating club based in the Pacific Northwest with registered members who: (a) own a Tollycraft, or (b) are “Tolly” fans and enthusiasts.

Tollyclub history began in 1987 when Tollycraft owners Pam and Dave Ellard contacted several other Tollycraft boat owners to attend a “rendezvous” at Port Ludlow, Washington. Thirteen people and five Tollys attended this inaugural Tollycraft event. Later that year, Dave visited the local Tollycraft dealer, Jerry Schei of Western Yacht Sales, to plan the first Tollycraft Rendezvous for 1988.

In the following years, the rendezvous grew with 37 boats and 76 people and then 68 boats and 121 people attending. To continue this growth and interest in Tollycraft events, newsletters and rosters were introduced. Many friendships were made and Tollycraft owners looked forward to each year’s rendezvous.

Forming the Tollycraft Boating Club

In 1995, the Tollycraft Boating Club of Puget Sound, Washington was formed and named with by-laws, bridge officers and a board. This club formally established an association of Tollycraft owners for the purpose to share information pertaining to their Tollycraft Yachts, foster greater interest and meet new friends, promote proper and safe boating and organize cruises and rendezvous in the Pacific Northwest waters.

The first International Rendezvous of American and Canadian Tollycraft owners was held in 1997 with 173 boats and 457 people attending. And in 1999, the 12th Tollycraft Boating Club Rendezvous set the club’s attendance record with with nearly 225 boats and 563 people in attendance.

Today, there are around 250 Tollys and vessels and 475 members in the Tollycraft Boating Club. The majority of members reside in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon and British Columbia) while others enjoy their Tollycraft boats in other area of the U.S and Canada., Europe and Australia.

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