Tollyclub Past Commodores

In 1995, David Ellard (The Good Years) became the first Commodore of the Tollycraft Boating Club. Since then, numerous men and women have volunteered to provide leadership as the club grew from just a few Tollys to more than 250. Thank you to our Tollyclub Past Commodores.

David Ellard ~ 1995

David Ellard - Tollyclub Past Commodores

David Ellard was the 1st commodore of the Tollycraft Boating Club in 1995. Along with wife Pam, David was a member long before the club officially began in 1988.

They held the first rendezvous in 1985 with five boats in attendance. Later, in Poulsbo, 13 boats attended.

To generate club interest, David worked the boat show in the Kingdome at the Western Yacht Sales Tollycraft area.

David Ellard-Past CommodoreIn these early years, dues were about $20 a year and both David and Pam wore many “hats” within the club. One of these “hats” was spending hundreds of hours accumulating hull numbers, boat names and owners, Thanks to their hard work, the club grew resulting in David composing the basic club by-laws.

David and Pam bought their beloved Tolly, “THE GOOD YEARS” in 1982. Now retired as a yacht captain, David and Pam live aboard their Tolly in Elliot Bay Marina


George Haskin ~ 1996

Howard Glazer ~ 1997, 2000, 2001

Doug Filer ~ 1998

Ken Pearson ~ 1999

Don Ballew ~ 2002

Dan Eastlick ~ 2003

Lee Worthy ~ 2004

Rheta Pearson ~ 2005

Norm Culbert ~ 2006

Kirk Gronvold ~ 2007

Dave Tosch ~ 2008

Steve Monrad ~ 2009

Cara Clark ~ 2010

Cara Clark Past Commodore

Joined the Tollycraft Boating Club:  2004

Occupation: Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (semi-retired)

What she’s doing today:  Native Texan now living life in New Braunfels, Texas (between Austin & San Antonio). My Tolly 30, “Enough Time” is moored in Anacortes, WA and I enjoy cruising WA and BC waters in summer.

Her favourite Tollycraft Boating Club memory: The “Margaritaville Rendezvous in 2008! One of the largest rendezvous held at Roche Harbor. Never ending fun and memories.

She joined the Tollycraft Boating Club Bridge because: I wanted to get more involved with Tollyclub, meet new people who loved boats like me, and give back to an organization that allowed me to make so many life long friends.

What she’s most proud of during her time as the Tollyclub commodore: We were able to attract a higher than usual number of Canadian Tollys. That number varies throughout the years, but one of my goals was to make it as high as possible.

Her Rendezvous theme and its inspiration: Tolly Fiesta “Fiesta de Barco”; Being a native Texan, Fiesta was a way of life! Fiestas are celebrations, getting people together to have fun! That fit the Tollyclub perfectly!

Her Tolly: Enough Time, 1988, Tolly 30 Sport Cruiser

Final thoughts: Buying a Tollycraft opened up a world of new friends who share my love of boats. Some of my very best friends are people I met at my first Tolly Mini at La Conner in Sept 2004. Many of those people are cruising companions today as well as personal best friends.

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Brett Peck ~ 2011

Bob Erwin ~ 2012

Mike McCormick ~ 2013

Lori Potts ~ 2014

Lori Potts Past Commodore

Joined the Tollycraft Boating Club:  2002 ( the last Rendezvous held in Port Orchard)

Spouse/Partner: Steven Holmes

Occupation: Hardware Engineer (retired)

What she’s doing today:  I am so busy now that I am retired!

Her favourite Tollycraft Boating Club memory:  There are too many to just pick one. But one fond memory was our first rendezvous in Port Orchard when the “red shirt’ brigade greeted almost every boat and made sure we were tied up securely.

She joined the Tollycraft Boating Club Bridge because:  My husband was obsessed with Tollycrafts.

What she’s most proud of during her time as the Tollyclub commodore:  The friendships I have made and having a successful rendezvous, without my husband. The Tollyclub has always been so welcoming, and have always had my back.

Challenges she and her bridge overcame while she was commodore: Sadly, you cannot always please everyone. Listening to complaints and not being able to resolve them at the last minute were the most challenging.

Her Rendezvous theme and its inspiration: My theme was a country “Round Up”. Love country music and hoped to have a line dance or square dance, which we did have an instructor for square dancing!

Her Tollys: Lori Ann II (Godot),1984 Tolly 34 Tri Cabin and Lori Ann, 1978 Tolly 26 (current boat)

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Mark Wilson ~ 2015

Jim Maddox ~ 2016

Jim Maddox Tollyclub Commodore

Joined the Tollycraft Boating Club: 2005

Spouse/Partner: Marilyn Maddox

Occupation: Retired, was an industrial equipment sales person

What he’s doing today: We have two children and three grandchildren, ages 11, and months. like boating of course as well as boat repair and restoration. In addition enjoy running and downhill skiing.

His favourite Tollycraft Boating Club memory: Every year at Roche Harbor with the crazy costumes and non stop fun. Does anyone remember when came dressed as Pharaoh and Marilyn was Queen Cleopatra?

He joined the Tollycraft Boating Club Bridge because:At one point wanted to raise the fun level another notch and see if we could help the Club grow and expand.

What he’s most proud of during his time as the Tollyclub commodore: Surviving the years on the bridge while making long term friendships with other boating families with similar interests.

Challenges he and his bridge overcame while he was commodore: Just the usual logistical issues but the entire bridge was patient, fun loving and dedicated to improving the Club and meeting our members needs.

His Rendezvous theme and its inspiration: Marilyn’theme was “Music through the Ages” and we were inspired by the music we enjoyed growing up,

His Tollys: We have had the privilege of owning four different Tollycraft boats in the last 15 years and have loved every one of them, none more than our current 37 (Tranquility, 1985 Tolly 37). The other Tollys include Macey Lyn (1975 Tolly 26) and Tranquility (1989 Tolly 34 Sports Sedan)

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Pete Simpson ~ 2017

Pete Simpson

Keith Christenson ~ 2018

Duane Oswald ~ 2019

Pierce Hoover ~ 2020

Pierce Hoover Tollyclub Commodore

Joined the Tollycraft Boating Club: September 2014 after our first mini in La Conner

Spouse/Partner: Sharon Hoover

Occupation: Marathon Petroleum Co. Operations Supervisor (retired)

What he’s doing today: Recently retired and enjoying my time with my wife. Working around the house and of course working on and using our 1977 37 sedan.

His favourite Tollycraft Boating Club memory: Every memory have of the Tollycraft Boating Club is my favorite!!!

He joined the Tollycraft Boating Club Bridge because: have always even joiner of clubs in my life. It just seemed to be the right thing to do for the club. And it was.

What he’s most proud of during his time as the Tollyclub commodore: Boy that is tough one considering that was Commodore during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020. am proud of my wife aka Momadore and the bridge for the work and decisions we had to make that year.

Challenges he and his bridge overcame while he was commodore: COVID-19 was the challenge for us in 2020. Did we overcome it? think we managed to hold on!! The club continued to function but our social events were basically canceled officially due to very limited group sizes. Key work here is officially. We did have some unofficial gatherings of club members at various marinas. Instead of Rendezvous, we called them Nondezvous. We had Nondezvous at Roche Harbor in 2020, not the Rendezvous we had planned. Regardless, it was great seeing everyone as always!! And we did have Dingy run over to Nelson Bay. There we rafted up and shared the Commodore’drink that was for the official Rendezvous.

His Rendezvous theme and its inspiration: Tollyribean. We wanted to have colorful Caribbean themed event. Everything involving the Caribbean and Cuba.

His Tolly: Island Time, 1977, Tolly 37 Sedan

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Paul Jones ~ 2021

Sandra Lewis ~ 2022

Sandra Lewis CommodoreShifty, Sandra’s first Tolly, had her at TEAL. She fell in love with the lines and the infamous color of the brand. Sandra and her husband, Trevor are fully invested in Tolly.

It seemed like it was just minutes, and she was contributing as a member of the Tollycraft Boating Club Bridge! Sandra’s support of prior commodores and leadership as commodore has been transformative! Her creativity and talent for communication reinvigorated the club!

Leaning strong on her communications skills, Sandra created opportunities for members to connect in a variety of ways. Under her guidance the club website became an efficient hub for club information, event registration, and membership.

During Covid, she created the Zoom Docktails, which was a great way to get the group together both near and far. Our members looked forward to the Zoom calls and we saw the club engage members outside of the PNW.

Sandra accomplished what may have been a first, serving as the big cheese for the Canadian Tollycruisers, as well as the Commodore for the Tollycraft Boating Club. A lot of us look at her with amazement and wonder, “How does she do it all?” Sandra has been a mentor and positive influence, shaping the future of the club leadership. She is always willing to help others.

Sandra oozes Tolly Club and brand history. She made sure this valuable information was shared on the club Facebook page, our website, and at club events. Of course, our members are central to any telling of history. Her view was always toward the future, growing the Tolly brand and drawing others in to experience the joy of the Tolly community.

Sandra’s rendezvous theme was inspired by her love of fun and Dr. Seuss, Seussical the Rendezvous(ical) was a smashing success! Two significant leadership changes that made the event truly special were Sandra’s engagement of volunteers and the delegation of tasks along the bridge. We all loved getting involved in the event at a new level!

Most recently, their first love, Shifty, received an engine rebuild. This could possibly be Sandra’s favourite get around vessel. Second in command and their liveaboard is Shiloh. Talk about a beautiful home!

Shiloh might just be her muse as she creates delicious food, shares beautiful photos and creates intriguing web designs, blogs and shares all things Tolly (possibly her second love to Trevor?).

Sandra is appreciated more than words can fully express, our club will retain her indelible mark and contributions for years to come!

Steve Dittoe ~ 2023

Tollyclub Sponsor Everett Yacht Sales, Steve Dittoe

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