Tollycraft Rendezvous Memories

Rendezvous Memories – Marc and Lois Talley (formerly Talley’s Tolly)

Welcome to the fourth Rendezvous Memories by our Tollyclub members. Today’s Rendezvous Memories come from long-time Tollyclub members Marc and Lois Talley (formerly Talley’s Tolly, 1975 Tolly 26).

An unexpected first Rendezvous in 1997

We attended our first Rendezvous in Sidney, BC back in 1997 – we had no idea what we were in for 🙂

It all started when Lois and I pulled into Roche Harbor to spend the night before exploring the San Juan’s and just before sunset another 26′ Tolly pulled in parked nearby…

It was Krissy and Dan Eastlick!! Before long we were fast friends and they invited us to join them for a Tollycraft Rendezvous the following morning!

It was amazing, we had no idea how many Tollys were on the water. The first person to greet us was the long-time Canadian Tollycruisers leader Terry Murphy and I still have the Tolly hat he gave me!

That Rondy was the start of something great!

I think we missed one Rondy in the last 26 years and we’re looking forward to this year’s at Roche Harbor!

It’s great to see old friends and swap stories, ideas, meet new people and more.

We meet on the water several times throughout the year but the Best is when we start the summer off at the annual Rendezvous at Roche Harbor.

Hope to see you there!

Join Marc and Lois at this year’s Rendezvous

See all the details and complete your registration online by Monday, May 20.

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