Tollycraft Pet Policy

Tollycraft Boating Club Pet Policy

Over the past few seasons we have seen an increase in the number of pets accompanying members to our events. This is good – we love our pets and enjoy meeting other members pets.

So, with the goal of making our events safe and enjoyable for all, the Bridge has established a Tollycraft Boating Club Pet Policy to clarify shared expectations.

No single event or incident is solely driving this change. There were numerous examples of poor pet/owner behavior during our recent club events, and many of us, who are pet owners, will benefit from a clarified set of expectations.

We ask that we work together, be open to input from others, and communicate with kindness as we put this new policy in place.

Tollycraft Boating Club Pet Policy


The Tollycraft Boating Club is committed to providing safe and enjoyable club events for all members including pets.


This policy applies to all Tollyclub members, guests and pets attending Tollycraft Boating Club events.

Pet Guidelines

Well behaved dogs (and owners) who have been socialized with other animals and people are welcome at Tollyclub events under the following terms.

  1. Pets must be under the physical control of the owner, confined to the member’s boat or always on a short leash.
  2. Members may be asked to make reasonable accommodations regarding their pets in favor of the enjoyment of the event by nearby members, at the discretion of the Bridge or event hosts.
  3. Dogs that show aggression toward people or other animals are not permitted at club events.
  4. Frequent or repetitive barking is considered a nuisance behavior and must be controlled by the pet owner.
  5. When walking your dog, please be extra cautious in congested areas, understanding we have club members who have allergies and/or serious fear of dogs. Docks have very limited spaces to avoid a passing animal.
  6. Animals (except for registered service animals) are not permitted in dining areas during meals.
  7. Members must walk their pets in the designated area of the marina and clean up after their pets.

Members who violate the Pet Policy or refuse to cooperate with Bridge members or event hosts, may be asked to leave an event and/or prevented from attending future events.

Date Approved: June 6, 2023

Download the policy

We welcome your feedback and will make changes to this policy as is necessary.

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