Tollyclub Rendezvous - Troy and Maxwell Moore

Rendezvous Memories – Troy and Maxwell Moore (Nor’West)

Welcome to our final Rendezvous Memories by our Tollyclub members. Troy Moore and his son Maxwell have a 1989 Tolly 40 named Nor’West which Troy purchased in 2020.

Loving be on the dock with all the Tollys!

How long have you been a Tollycraft club member?

  • 3 years, I joined in 2021

When did you attend your first rendezvous?

  • 2021

What is most notable about attending the rendezvous?

  • All the absolutely amazing people! If you have a question about anything to do with your tolly I’m sure by the end you’ll have answers. Plus the opportunity to be at the largest dock parade of Tollycraft’s!

When it comes to the Tollycraft Boating Club, what event do you look forward to most throughout the year?

  • Hands Down The Rendezvous!

Join Troy and Maxwell at this year’s Rendezvous

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