Tollyclub Photo Contest Winner 2021

2021 Tollyclub Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to everyone who took part in our 3rd Annual Tollyclub Photo Contest. We had a record number of entries this year and all of them were great photos.

Voting closed last night at 11:59 p.m. and here are the winning photos:

The Five Finalists

The Five Finalists photos will be featured in an upcoming Tollyclub newsletter and in our 2022 club roster:

5th Place (3 way tie): Tammy McKenna (Our Time); Len Walko (Aquila) and Christine Andreasen (Sans Souci)

Photo Contest

4th Place: Joseph Frend (Amici)

Tollyclub photo contest

3rd Place: Jennifer Bryan (DevilDawg)

Photo Contest

2nd Place: Jean Steffeck (Off the Clock)

Photo Contest

1st Place: Rico Adams (Wanderer)

Photo Contest

The Grand Prize Winner

The Grand Prize photo will be featured on the cover of both the 2022 club roster and an upcoming Tollyclub newsletter and we’ll be sending a new Tollyclub burgee to the photographer:

Travis Bryan (DevilDawg) for his photo of orcas swimming alongside fellow club member Steve & Charlene Dittoe’s boat – the Big W.

Photo Contest

Congratulations to our winners! And thanks to everyone who shared some of their favourite photos.

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