Stephen Schwartz dies from COVID-19

Tollyclub member Stephen Schwartz has passed away from COVID-19

We were shocked and saddened to learn yesterday that Tollycraft Boating Club member Stephen Schwartz passed away as a result of COVID-19.

Stephen and his wife Barbara joined our club in 2010 and were frequent participants at Tollyclub events aboard their 1981 Tolly 34 Tri-Cabin, Aquilla. An avid boater, Stephen also contributed often to the conversations in our Facebook group.

His good friend Gary Kinslow commented that as a long-time pathology professor at the University of Washington “had he not been victimized by it (COVID-19), he would have been leading a research team seeking the means of destroying it.”

Stephen will be missed greatly in the scientific, political and, for us, the boating community. We send our condolences to Barbara and his family and friends.

Additional information on Stephen’s contributions:

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