Tollycraft Boating Club Bridge Update

Tollycraft Boating Club Bridge Update

Bridge: Glen Peters

Please join us in thanking Glen Peters (Favourite Child) for his service to the Tollycraft Boating Club Bridge. Glen, and his wife Lynne, recently sold their Tolly, followed by Glen stepping down from his position as Rear Commodore.

Among Glen’s many contributions were the new inventory and point of sale processes for our Tollyclub store. Thank-you Glen!! And we hope to see you both sooner, rather than later.

New Rear Commodore

Bridge: Greg Gustafson

Replacing Glen as Rear Commodore is Greg Gustafson (Cool Change) who moves up from the Second Trustee position. Greg has a great attitude about being there for the club and the bridge.

We really lucked out when his final decision between Trustee and Treasurer was… Trustee. Although our current Treasurer may disagree – hopefully, Greg has the next Treasurer picked out and eager to take over for Tim!

Contact Greg about Tollyclub Fundraising and Store

New Second Trustee

Bridge: Trevor Lewis

And finally, welcome to our newest Bridge member, Trevor Lewis (Shifty/ Shiloh) in the Second Trustee role. With eight years as a club member, his experience supporting our Past Commodore, Sandra Lewis, and involvment with the Canadian Tollycruisers, he will be a great asset to the Tollyclub Bridge. Many thanks to Trevor!

Contact Trevor about Tollyclub Member Growth and Engagement

Join the Bridge!

As of July  1, the club also needs both a treasurer and second trustee. More details are available here. And if you’re thinking maybe… then let’s chat NOW! Email our Commodore and see how you can your Tollyclub.

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